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Welcome to the endless possibilities of 3D scanning

Image your 3D objects, alter and create the ideal prototype of your choice

There are various 3D scanning methods available, such as photogrammetry, structured light scanning, laser scanning, or computed tomography (CT). Always choose a method that is suitable for your object’s complexity, size, and desired level of detail.

3D scanners use laser or structured light patterns multiple images or scanning passes from different angles or  to capture surface geometry.

A controlled environment with proper lighting and minimal reflections to ensure accurate scanning. For shiny or reflective surfaces, applying a non-reflective spray or powder can improve scanning accuracy.

In most setup, specialized software is provided and is used to match common points or features between the scans and align them into a single coordinate system.

For more commercialized application, Autodesk ReCap offers software solutions for processing and editing 3D scan data. Their website provides tutorials, documentation, and resources for using their software in various scanning workflows. Compatible file format includes STL or OBJ. Find out more at https://www.autodesk.com/products/recap/

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